KTM - Money Sucker!

I wrote about KTM before and I would like to write again, because it only get worse rather than improve.

 old train, old railway, old town, everything is just so fucking old!

I have accepted the facts that KTM's Intercity Shuttle Train Service between Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh is slow, noisy, uncomfortable, expensive and dirty. I have also proved that it's online reservation system doesn't work, you can try it if you don't believe, here is the page.

Today, I found out that KTM's customer service's feedback system is not working as well. I tried using different browsers just in case it doesn't support but sadly, it just does not work.I guess it's a way to avoid complaint.

Nonetheless, those mentioned earlier are not really the issue. I can bare with poor customer service, I accept poor punctuality since we are in Malaysia, I take its useless online system as a joke. In fact, I think its website is uglier than my blog.

But this time it has gone way too far. It has canceled two stops at Sungai Buloh and Kepong Sentral for intercity shuttle train service KL-Ipoh.

I don't understand the why would it canceled the two stops since many people are boarding and even stopping at these stations. I am also one of the victims and I believe the cancellation has affected many other students and passengers. Now we have to stop at Rawang or KL Sentral and buy another ticket to go back to the station that we passed in the shuttle train.

Don't understand what I said? Never mind, see the diagram below.

Now KTM will not stop at Kepong Sentral and Sg.Buloh, which means it can earn more money by making us to buy another ticket to go back to where we want to be. For my case, I'll have to pay another RM1.60 to go back to Kepong from KL Sentral. What a good money-making strategy. But its strategy costs us not only money, but time as well! Now I have to travel an hour longer and earlier!
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