Teacher rapes 12 years-old girl

31 years old teacher sentenced to 36 years and 4 rotans for raping a 12 years old school girl. For details, read this.

How on earth that the 12 years old girl triggered his sexual arousal? An average 12 years old school girl who just got into puberty stage and barely have any boob or anything closer to a girl that appears to be sexually attractive.

elementary school kids

I wonder if there is any pre-employment test and psychological test before in process of hiring teachers. These are the voices of tomorrow we're talking about, at the young age, teachers play very important roles and have great influences in shaping their personalities. Imagine a extremist constantly instill negative ideologies to these young pupils who barely have any judging ability.

There is black sheep in every flock, but prevention is better than cure. The damage is done, and the impact is irreversible no matter how many years he got sentenced to. 

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