10 Movies You Must Watch (Part 2/3)

Continue from the previous post 10 Movies You Must Watch (Part 1/3).

No.4 movie you have to see before you die - The Lord of The Rings. I guess even if you have not seen the movie, you must have heard of it also. It's a story about destroying an evil ring to prevent return of evil, but ironically to destroy it the fellowship has to travel into the lair of the evils. The ring had the power to breed dark side of the carrier of ring, therefore the carrier must fight the evil side. 

No. 5 The Pianist is one of the most touching war movie I ever have seen. The story is about a famous Jewish pianist surviving the World War I and Nazi's genocide of Jews. He did not fight like what other Jews did, he hid from the Nazi army but ironically the one who saved his life was a Nazi's officer. No one listen to music during the war, but the pianist had nothing left but his music in his heart and the music accompanied him during his toughest time. 

No.6 Watchmen, this is not a typical superheroes movie. If you're looking for superhero-saves-the-day then this is not the film you would like to see. I have friends who claimed that this is the suckiest film she has ever seen, but I totally disagree with her. The ideologies behind the movie are deep, not everyone can understand what the movie is selling; one of the heroes tried to save the world by destroying it, deep?   

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