Maybank2U Fraud Email

Last week I got an email from Maybank, with email address of ( The email asks me to reactive my Maybank online banking account because it has been temporarily disabled for security purpose. I recognized it as a fraud email immediately, because I don't even have an account with Maybank. However, the email address was convincing because of the 

screenshot of the email

the content of the email

There hyperlink navigates me to a website with a layout almost identical to However, you can identify by the addresses; the fake website and the real Maybank2u online banking website

the fake website

the real website

Take a closer look and you will notice there is a green color lock beside the address of the genuine site and there isn't at the fake one. Do not login to the fake website with your genuine Maybank2u username and password because the fraudsters will gain access to your banking information and details if you do. I already reported this to Maybank customer service and hopefully they will close down the phishing site as soon as possible.
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