TM uses Facebook to Boost Productivity

I saw this photo on facebook just now and I thought it would be interesting to share with people.

At first glance, you might not find this photo interesting. So lets enlarge it and take a closer look.

It must be TM is starting to utilize facebook as a medium to connect all its employees. She was probably communicating the customer's complaint to her superior. The idea is simply brilliant! Facebook instead of its own intranet, it would probably save up millions of ringgit per year and yet enjoy the same or even more features. They can have a group, and with new group chat feature management doesn't even need to have face-to-face meeting anymore!

The money saved can be used to upgrade its internet service too. Even though it's already excellent now, but excellent will never be good enough for ambitious and visionary company like TM. It will not stop until all Malaysians can enjoy free high speed internet access! Bravo!

I'm dead sure she wasn't using facebook for personal purposes during working hour.
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