10 Movies You Must Watch (Part 1/3)

I love movies and I have watched quite a number of movies to come up with this list of 10 movies that you must watch. I know this is quite random because I have never done any movie review but this is something really worth sharing, and you might like them if you love movies too.

Number 1 the best of all time goes to The Godfather. Godfather is talking about Italian young man who went to America to earn a living and eventually grew big and become a mafia family leader. Al Pacino later stepped in as his father successor to protect the family. He thought by growing bigger he could protect his family but the bigger he grows the weaker he becomes. The mafia's power eventually penetrated Vatican, the holy city. The movie has totally 3 parts so make sure you watch it all.

No.2 goes to Rocky by Sylvester Stallone. The movie uses a underdog boxer's life as background and shows audience the up-and-down and the meanings of life. Rocky Balboa got his once-in-life-time opportunity to fight with champion and he gave his best shot and became famous but this is not all, Rocky got totally 6 parts talking about the different stages of life. If you think Rocky is about fighting you probably right, but not in boxing ring and not about violence, but about fighting against all odds in life. 

No.3, The Shawshank Redemption. It's the old fashion prison break, not the high-tech Michael Scofield prison break but I would say I prefer the old school. Breaking out is easy part, surviving the outside world after 18-years of prison is the headache part.   

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