My Google AdSense Account is Banned... Forever...

Embarrassingly to say, but my Google AdSense account has been banned. My account was disabled for invalid click activity, Google had detected me clicking on my own ads. I tried to appeal and my appeal was denied.

Losing Google AdSense is really a loss, because it pays bloggers the most compared to other blog advertising networks such as Nuffnang and Advertlets. After all, Google pays in US Dollar, while Nuffnang and Advertlets are paying bloggers with RM (Ringgit Malaysia). Therefore, I'm here to give you guys an advice, you are not going to give up Google AdSense by violating its rules like me, it's pure stupidity.

Frankly speaking, I'm not a pro-blogger, who makes few thousands dollars per month from blog advertising, and I make not even a few hundreds so far. Nevertheless, I am always looking forward to use blog as a money-making tool, even though I have low traffic and low page rank (but I'm putting efforts on it).

After blogging for 2 years or even longer, I've finally realized the meaning of "Content is King". Nothing beat the great contents. If you want to generate more traffic into your blog, plan your contents well.

Meanwhile, some hot amateur bloggers are still managed to attract readers by showing off their huge melons and nice bodies. I personally think this is a very good idea, why don't utilize your assets while it can bring you some fortunes? But, blessed women equipped with great boobs and hot asses are somehow exotic, how many people can attract readers in this way? And how long your body will entertain and satisfy your readers?
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