UTARIAN swept away by current, Presumed Dead


Please leave water immediately when the rain hits you, when you are in waterfall!

Unless you are willing to risk your friends, your family, your partner and your very own life!

I was there, at the Batu Berangkai waterfall this afternoon. Approximately 4.00pm, I received a call from my friends, asked me to join them to have some chill-out in waterfall. The idea was actually already there before they call, so immediately I took a towel and left to meet them.

Hot weather in Kampar makes Batu Berangkai waterfall a place that I go very often. But frankly speaking, I'm not very familiar with it because I do not know how to swim. I wouldn't risk my life to go into deep water at the top of waterfall (the deepest area is approximately 10-15 feet) and you, should not do it neither!

While we were having fun, the rain was started to drop down. There were many other people, some familiar faces, local. They were all getting out of the water and left, of cause, including us. We waited under a shelter for the rain to stop, and about 5.30pm we left.

After that, the tragedy happened...

Batu Berangkai Waterfall


3 Utar students feared drowned at Kampar waterfalls (Update)

IPOH: Three Tunku Abdul Rahman University (Utar) students are missing and feared to have drowned after they were swept away at the waterfalls at Batu Berangkai picnic area in Kampar about 5.30pm Sunday.

Police said that three boys and girl were swimming when a sudden gush of water swept three of them away.

A fourth boy who waas with them but was not swimming ran to the Kampar police station to ask for help.

Police alerted the search and rescue team at 5.45pm.

More to come

quoted from The Star Online


I received the news after I reached home. The tragedy happened right after we left.
I feel lucky for escaped from the tragedy but at the same time I feel sad for the 3 victims. If I were there, maybe, just maybe, I could stop them to go back into the water.

Swept away by such a strong current, I wanted to tell you that they can survive, but this ain't fairytale. They are most probably gone.

Please, think twice before you put your life on edge.

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