UTARIAN swept-away bodies are found

As my expectation, they were gone.

The bodies of 3 victims, who brought away by the strong current were found last night. James Khor Wan Kai was found at 10.20pm while the girl, Kelly Yew Shy Gin was found at 11.10pm. And the last corpse,belongs to Yew Ghim Chnieh was discovered 500 feet from the incident scene at 12.00am

Yew Ghim Chnieh in his secondary school uniform, 1 good looking dude

I went to the police investigation site last night, with the hope that seeing their bodies in good condition. However, I did not see them, because 2 of them were already moved to hospital and 1 was till missing.

There were approximately 100 people, most of them were locals who were gather around to fulfill their own curiosity, instead of give a helping hand to the search. But they are not to be blamed, because it was late at night, only people who familiar with the jungle, as well as professional should take action.

Anyway, the accident has happened, and we cannot press Ctrl + Z to undo it. But I really hope, the incident will serve as a lesson, a warning as well as a reminder for people who want to go to waterfall.


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