UTARIAN current-swept-away Identities Confirmed

The missing are James Wan Kai Khor, 20, from Penang, Yew Ghin Chnieh, 20, from Penang and Yew Shy Gin, 19, from Kedah, said Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon State Health, Local Government, Consumer, Environment, Transport and Non-Islamic Affairs Committee head.

Dr Mah said he had spoken to a fourth student who told him that the three boys and a girl had gone to the waterfalls at about 5pm. The three missing went into the water first.

The fourth student, a male, was about to enter the water when a strong gush of water tumbled him in. As he struggled to scramble out, he suffered cuts and bruises.

Fortunately, a Kampar resident rushed over, pulled him out and took him to the Kampar police station to lodge a report.

According to Dr Mah, the 22-year-old second year Accountancy student from Kuala Lumpur declined to be named and did not wish to speak to reporters.

quoted from The Star Online

Kelly Yew Shy Gin

James Wan Kai Khor and his blog

I saw them! I can't believe that I saw them when I was leaving but I did not stop them from going into the water! They were sitting and waiting for the rain to stop in a dark color jeep, either dark green or grey, I'm not sure.

The driver was reaching out his hand outside the window to see whether it's still raining. While the one who was sitting beside, is the girl. They were talking to each other happily, and I can see the girl was smiling.

I should have warn them and ask them to leave. If I did, the tragedy might not happen.
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