How KTM Berhad Ticket Reservation System Works?

I had faith in GLC (Government-Linked Company).
I always hope GLC can improve and provide quality services to benefit public. However, it ended up with disappointment when I tried KTM Berhad new features.

  1. Ticket Booking via SMS
  2. Online Ticket Booking

New feature is supposedly to ease customers, but it does not perform its duties well. It's useless and I will not use the feature again, unless KTM fixes it.
First, I went to KTMB official website, it took me about 5 minutes just to load the page. Maybe my internet speed is slow, blame it to TM Net, another GLC.

Then I saw the E-Ticket System page, I sign up and login into the system. After that, I navigated to this page.

New Reservation

I filled in every particular except for the Return section, and I thought I will get my reservation after I confirmed the request. But no, I cannot request for reservation unless I request for a return ticket. But I don't want a return ticket!

What the hell?

So, I existed the page and thought to try another way of reservation, via SMS (Short Message Service).
I searched for 'KTM ticket-booking via SMS' with Google, and suprizingly, KTMB official website was not in the result. I opened a few pages and tried to see whether they contain information that I was looking for and I found this:

I followed the instruction on the flyer, it's very confusing and complicated I must say. The best part is, when I sent the message out, I got a message from DIGI said that the system was busy, asked me to try again later.

What the fuck?

Bad Service! Rated no star out of 5 stars!  
KTM for Discomfort, Inconvenience, Slowness

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