"Hate" Button on Facebook

I assume all of you know about Facebook and if you have a Facebook account, I assume you know what is a "Like" button. "Like" button is for you to click on it to show that you like something, for example if your slutty net friend updates her relationship status to "Single", you can click on "Like" since she is once again available in your potential-get-laid-prospect list.

I'm sure you liked something on Facebook before, whether it's a status or Nike's Make-You-Freekick-Like-Beckham football boots, maybe McDonald new Dead-Horse-Mixed-Dead-Chicken Burger. So don't tell me you never "Like" before, I'll say BULLSHIT. Just for your information, you can like it on Facebook as well.

Just in case you really don't know

Here comes the question: If we have "Like". Where is the "Hate"? I like a lot of things, and I'm certainly hate or dislike a lot of things as well. I hate when a pretty girl got into a relationship with a big fat ugly fuck, but just when I'm about to show my hatred, I realized there is no fucking "Hate"! 

So I decided to make my own, so that I could hate those emo statuses like 
I'm so lonely, no one understand me or  
Why do you treat me so bad when I love you so much! or this,  
Happy Mother's Day to my mum, I love you forever! 
For fuck sake, your mum is not even on Facebook.

"Hate" Button

If there is a "Hate" button, I will not be surprised if people use it more often than "Like". There are just so much things that I hate.

Nonetheless, do like my page. Simply click on the like button, or you can find me on Facebook.

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