Updated - Namewee Arrested during Independence Day (国庆日黄明志被捕 )

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15 minutes before Malaysia' 53th Independence Day, controversial Chinese musician Namewee (黄明志) was arrested for his newest song Nah! Suck Banana!!. He was managed to update his status in Facebook about the arrest. In his statement, he also mentioned he was treated unfairly as he was only trying to "anti-racism", actions should be taken towards those headmistresses .

 Just in case if you don't know how Namewee looks like.

Namewee was expressing his anger over the recent "Cina balik China" statement made by headmistresses in his music video and the video was viewed by approximately half a millions of Malaysians. Apparently, many politicians also watched the video and decided it's a good opportunity to put themselves in the newspapers' headline. These politicians and political parties condemned Namewee for promoting racism and creating racial tention among Malaysians, and such action should not be tolerated. Government was urged to take legal action towards Namewee. 

Curious? Wondering what got Namewee into trouble? View this:

I guess he has already offended some very powerful men of Bolehland in past and now is apparently the best time for vendetta. Namewee, good luck.


The newest update:

Namewee was not arrested last night as he was not at home when police officers arrived at his house in Muar, Johor. However, it's just matter of time before mata-mata reach him.

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