How to be Liked by Everyone?

People want to be liked naturally. We don't have to be popular, but certainly want to be accepted as part of groups.

There are millions of people asking the same question.

Is it possible to be like by everyone?
I would say yes, but apparently it's tougher than Mission Impossible. There are people who just dislike us and what we do, like not everyone will be pleased by Transformer 3, some love it but certain people just want to stick with their moronic Taiwanese idol dramas (You can see I hate these idol dramas when I use the adjective of moronic to describe it.)

Sometimes we just have to accept the fact that life doesn't always go the way we want it to. People do make mistake, no one is perfect, and sometimes being prefect is a flaw itself.

It's ok if people misunderstand us, as long as we know that we are not what they think.  If it's possible, find out the reason why people dislike us and improve, but if we think the reason is not valid, just ignore it because some people just cannot give constructive feedback. If we make mistake, don't be shamed to apologize. Some people do hold grudge, we may want to stay away from these people.

My advise: Think of the people that like us instead of focus on the small bunch of people that dislike us.
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