Steven's Corner is a big big Scammer

I believe most of you read the previous post about Steven's Corner owner got "arrested" for bashing a 64 years old man who removed Steven's Corner (SC) tables and chairs that blocked his storefront.

It turned out to be, Steven's Corner is not only a hotbed of gangsterism, corruption, bribery, but also scam and fraud.

Steven's Tea Garden (STG), a proven scam, carried the name of Steven's Corner in conducting its Ponzi scheme.

I read this news long time ago in a Chinese newspaper but it was difficult to get the news on internet so I did some researches and got some vital information that will be able to prove Steven's Corner is a big liar.

These are some of the sources:

Steven's Corner claimed no affiliation with STG Resources Snd Bhd, which had come up with the Steven's Tea Garden Scheme, and also emphasized that STG was not under its management.

What do you think? 
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