The Most Racist Page on Facebook

"Cina balik China" statement has obviously put the racial harmony in danger. However, conspiracy theorists claimed it was a dirty political trick played by oppositions to create chaos. There is no doubt that exploitation of such racial chaos would result in political advantages, but who is the winner in the end of the day?

If one argues that oppositions framed Puan Hajah Siti Insyak BTE Mansor to breed racism, as a conspiracy theorist myself can argue that oppositions have been framed for framing her, to create a villain impression of the oppositions. Conspiracy theory will never end.

The questions are:
1. Is Puan Hajah Siti Insyak BTE Mansor a political victim?
2. Did she make those moronic and racist statement?
3. Is she being setup?
4. Why would students lodge such fake police report?
5. Is this a political trick?
6. Who is the big winner in this chaos?

I shall leave it to your own critical analysis.

Above is showing the most racist page you can find on Facebook. Malaysians are making fool of ourselves by letting bunch of morons to use internet. You can witness yourself by clicking this link:
It's disappointing to see so many racist who think they are racialist. No pride, only stupidity shown in their comments and statements made. It's a fucking joke when they point fingers and label each other as racist, I feel very offended by the way they turn racialism into racism and insult rather than try to make peace with each other.
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