Robbery at The Curve 27/09/2010 (Updated)

This video started to circulate on  Facebook  since yesterday (27/09/2010). It shows a man with a parang (long blade) walked into a skincare product store (The Face Shop) and put the sharp blade to the storekeeper's throat. He then ordered the hot young lady to go into another room (staff room or storeroom I guess). Two other men walked into the store shortly after that and one of them started to search for cash and other valuables. Within 10 minutes, these men have got what they wanted and left.

Some say the storekeeper was sexually abused by the robber, but I would remain skeptical. Why? Apparently the video is playing in slow motion and if you use some common senses you can convert it back to normal pace and that's about 5 to 6 minutes. Not enough to rob and rape I guess. Some say this is not real as the original video was removed from  Facebook  by the person who first uploaded it. But why would someone fake this kind of video? If this is real, it would serve as a warning to public that we are no longer safe, even at crowed public space.

Criminals nowadays are bold and they understand human's psychology. They are lurking in dark and will strike when you are defenseless, mentally and physically.

I saw some discussions at forum and many said the robbers are stupid because they didn't realize there was CCTV recording their action. I personally think that these robbers are not stupid, they are experienced, calm and cocky. Of cos they knew the security camera was there but they didn't give a fuck because the storekeeper recognizes them already and they knew the quality of the video will not be clear. Fingerprints all over the counter? Do you really that naive to think police is going to investigate further if not one (rich and power) get hurt? Nevertheless, these men must have been doing this for quite some times.

Update 2
According to a reliable source, the robbery is real. However, the girl was not raped. She was tied up when she was discovered. The company (The Face Shop) ordered the staff who first uploaded the video to remove it, to stop the news from spreading. I personally think that the company should clarify the public's doubt rather than just trying to cover it up.

Safety and security are our concern, could we still have safe shopping experiences? Could we still live without fear? If these criminal can rob in a shopping complex at 1.30pm, they can break into your house at 1.30am as well.
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