What's So Great About Iphone 4?

24 September 2010, the controversial Apple iPhone 4 has finally reached Malaysia. Introduced simultaneously by Digi and Maxis, the two most proactive and aggressive players in Malaysia telecommunication industry. The launching of iPhone 4 was a resemblance of the intense rivalry and competition between Digi and Maxis.

Some people queued for more than 6 hours just to be among the first Malaysians who have got an iPhone 4. Nevertheless, I wonder why people are so obsessed with iPhone? What's so great about iPhone? 
Apple iPhone 4

Is it because the new iPhone 4 now possesses 1 GHz processor & 512 MB of RAM, installed with iOS 4 operating system that allows multitasking, mounted with battery that provides 40% longer talk time from 5 hours (iPhone 3GS) to 7 hours, as well as an upgraded 5 megapixels front-facing camera for "FaceTime" video calling & back camera with built-in flash and the new high definition (HD) video recording with LED light & backside illumination, and not to forget the improved 960x640 326 ppi screen resolution which did not make the phone thicker but 24% thinner as well as better 3 axis gyro that detects more motion gestures to allow better gaming, and finally the stainless steel band that also serves as an antenna at the same time escalates the sense of design to state-of-art.

Or simply because of kia-su mentality?

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