Sekeluarga mencuri di Al-Ikhsan (Family Job)

This is most probably the most organized shoplifting I have ever seen. This is not just some steal-and-run, this is serious shit, they almost took away everything!

Great planning is crucial to success, and great organization and coordination of individual roles and responsibility have brought them lucrative loots.

Big size women handled the "logistic", by hiding all the loots under their's baju kurung (Malay traditional dress), avoiding all securities and transporting it out of the store safely.

Other members played the role of "spotter" and "whistle-blower", spotting the shop keepers and giving signal via gestures and eye contact to other members to whether continue operation or pause, or even abolish mission when necessary. Effective communication must take place in order to deliver messages and interpret messages received precisely. You can see mutual trust demonstrated by the family.

Everyone knows what to do and how to do, and gives full support and corporation to succeed. They have congruency in purposes and goals which in turn lead to consensus and team cohesiveness. What a united family I shall say! 

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