Lee Chong Wei Didn't Show Off After Beating Lin Dan?

I'm not a big fan of badminton sport, but who in Malaysia doesn't know Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan? Lee has been living under Lin Dan's shadow after defeated by the latter in Olympic 2008, Thomas Cup 2010, and many other matches that I'm not familiar with. People would not recognize him as the best even with his ranking as world number one, unless he proves himself worthwhile by beating Lin Dan.

Yesterday (26/09/2010), Lee finally proved himself genuine, outplayed Lin Dan in Japan Open 2010 and beat him for the first time as world number one. For details, read this and this.

Lee was as happy as a little girl, you can see it from his face

I reckon Lin Dan's fans must have felt disappointed as he got no reason to strip and dance anymore like what he did after winning Lee in Thomas Cup in May 2010.

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