Lecturer Hit Student and Ran

Hit-and-run is no news? How about lecturer hits student and runs?

A UTAR student was pissed when she was updating her blog (update: post has been removed), not because her friend was injured in a traffic collision but her anger was triggered by stupidity demonstrated by irresponsible driver who hit her friend and ran away from scene. Guess what, the idiot is having a job to give lecture in UTAR.

A few passer-by saw the incident and eventually tailed the driver and brought her back to the victim. The lecturer responded : "I go home to have my lunch!" "I totally lost my appetite and I was planning to go back to see her (the poor student who was being hit)." Victim and friends were speechless.

The victim's parents have been contacted and immediately came to Kampar, worrying the daughter's condition. The lecturer refused to see the victim's parents, insisted they (the victim's parents) were intended to hurt her. For more information, click here.

Well, I'm sure the safety of a student is no match to a lecturer's stomach. Of cos she has to eat, if she doesn't fueled up she will suffer gastric. Is gastric not more suffering and more painful than being crashed by a car? Is starving not more torturing than bleeding and having bone fractures?

Lecturer is always more valuable than a student, because she is highly educated and she is more productive and she is knowledgeable. Losing her would be a great loss of talent for Malaysia. On the other hand, losing a student will not do any harm to the society.

Anyway, so many people die everyday, why care? The lecturer was correct, her stomach is definitely more important than an injured girl.

For her own safety, she of cos had to refuse to see the victim's parents. You know those Chinese parents are normally not educated mah, what if they really grab a shovel and hit her right at her face? It would definitely leave scar and she would loss her pretty and attractive face.


I'm sorry for removing the name and censoring her photo. I realized there are more readers than what I have expected. Give her a chance would we? Before it really take away her career and reputation.
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