Now Every Teen can Pregnant

Malacca took the initiative to set up school for pregnant teens. Pregnant teen is defined as female teenagers aged 12 to 19 year old whom had premarital sex with boyfriend and got pregnant incidentally.

Traditionally, these poor girls who got pregnant were not allowed to go school anymore (I'm not sure why but I've never seen any pregnant schoolmates during my secondary school years) because they were viewed as disgrace to their family, and must get married with the "person in charge" whom responsible for the pregnancy immediately. However, with the new School of Hope (School for pregnant teens only with better name) now every teen can get pregnant and still go to school.

I wonder, what would be taught in the school for pregnant girls? Will there be any sex education? So they wouldn't make the same mistake twice. Will parenting knowledge and skills included too? Apparently many young people nowadays can't even make their own bed, moreover a baby.

Would there be any uniform? Apparently, their old uniforms will no longer fit.

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