10.10.10 North-South Expressway Accident - Who to be blamed?

October 10, 2010 or 10.10.10. A special day for many people but also a heartbreaking day for many families. A massive fatal collision happened at North-South Expressway, has taken away 12 lives and injured more than 40 people inclusive of 10 in critical condition. I express my deepest condolence to these innocent victims.

News can be found on The Star, NST, The Sun and all over internet. Video can be found on 8TV facebook page. Some eyewitnesses also took photographs of the scene and shared it on facebook.

Do not confused between accident and collision, these terms are not interchangeable because accident means there is no one to blame because everything happened by nature. Collision has someone to blame.

Who to be blamed for this massive collision? Whose fault is it the constant high traffic collision rate in Malaysia?

Blame the bus driver for not following the traffic rules?
Passengers for not asking drivers to comply with traffic rules?
The bus companies for not educating their drivers to drive safely?
The law maker for not making tighter traffic rules and regulations?
Traffic police for not enforcing the traffic rules stricter?
PLUS for not building better road?
Proton for not making safer car?
Dunlop for not making tyre with more grips?
Media for not spreading enough road safety messages?
Teachers for not teaching how to drive safe?
Parents for not nagging their children to follow traffic rules?
Time for passing too quickly?

Blame ourselves for being inconsiderate, impatient, and ignorant on road.

You are no Michael Schumacher, nor you are on race track. If you are attempting to commit suicide, there must be a better way to die than reckless driving. You have no right to drag someone else to die together with you. Stop being selfish.


Update 2
Bus driver was innocent!
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