How should we feel about accident and its victims?

A question popped out in my mind: How should we feel about accident and people affected by it. 

I guess most people would say they feel sympathetic for these victims and condoled with families in their losses. But is this concern of empathy applicable to all cases? What if someone dies because of his or her own mistake and worse, the mistake costs innocent people's life? In such situation, should we feel pity for him or her too? 

Do people really feel sympathetic for deceased and injured? Or some show empathy out of social pressure, so they wouldn't look cold-blooded? Why people stop to look at accident scene even if they know they couldn't help? Are they really concerned or they just want to fulfill their curiosities? 

People point fingers to government for not doing anything to reduce accident rate in this country. Is the government not doing enough? It's completely up to the traffic users to comply and obey. 

Most of the people feel lucky, they would never think accident could happen to them and take their lives away. Otherwise, people would start to show consideration on road and compliance to traffic rules. What's the use of showing empathy and not learning from the misfortunes? The greatest stupidity is repeating the same mistake. 

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