The Lesson of Lions, Wolf, and Sheep

I heard a story on radio today and I thought it worth sharing.

Once upon a time, God demanded two flocks of sheep to stay with their enemy, whether a wolf or two lions. Whichever chooses the two lions have the right to swap between the lions as only one will stay with the flock at a time.

The leader of the first flock of sheep decided to choose the wolf because they thought the wolf was less threatening as it only ate one sheep in a week, but lion could eat one sheep a day. The other flock chose to stay with the lions.

At the beginning, things went like what had been expected, but soon the wolf realized that it had the power to decide the sheep's life and death. Eventually it became proud and rampant, it attacked the sheep even if it did not want to eat them. The sheep were powerless.

On the other hand, the flock that had chosen lions knew that the right to choose between two lions was their power to control the lions. They let one lion to stay with them and let the other starved, and the swapping process went on. Lions finally realized that if they did not behave well, the flock had the power to swap them away and make them starve. Later, the lions only ate dead sheep and stopped attacking the flock. While the flock kept both lions alive because they knew if one of the lions dies, the survived will have the upper hand over them.

Are you going to choose wolf or lions?
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