Monetize Your Blog - Pros and Cons


1. Make money, also improve blogging skills
Blog without quality contents won't go far. As some bloggers say: Content is king. However it's arguable, I have seen some famous bloggers with not really good contents. Maybe people aren't looking for content but some other things.

2. Make money, also make friends
When you decide to go pro, you need supports and learn from other bloggers. Along the way you pick up some friends. One of the advantage of making money from blog is you don't really have intense competition - people can read your blog and at the same time read your friends' blogs, so there is not conflict of interest.

3. Make money, also get the sense of accomplishment
Seeing people come in to your blog is an indescribable feeling. The feeling of being recognized is good and you get the sense of accomplishment.   


1. Make money, but lose credibility 
People have little trust in advertorial, it might seems like you promote the particular product or service for the sake of money.

2. Make money, but lose liberty
You might need to please you readers by writing something they like and want to read instead of something you really want to write (because it might be boring).

3. Make money, but lose pleasure
You need to increase you traffic, it's a headache. When you lose you traffic, it's pressure.

This is just my 2 cents of opinion. 

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