How to feature your post in Nuffnang's Innit?

Many bloggers with Nuffnang's Glitterati status like to promote their blogs through Innit, Nuffnang's very own blog exchange and blog promotion site. The question frequently asked is how to fully utilize Innit to gain maximize exposure for your blog?

First we have to understand how Innit works. Once you share a post on Innit, other bloggers can Nang or Dang your post. The more nang you got, the higher the chance to get your post appears on the Featured Posts section. Featured post allows maximum exposure and people will click on it thus you gain traffic.

featured posts

Exposure is the key here. There are so many bloggers posting so many different post everyday. Making yourself distinctive to maximize exposure is how you should play the Innit game.

Second, ask yourself what kind of post makes you interested to read? If you're not interested with some strangers' personal life, what makes you think they will be interested with yours? Most of the Innit users are looking forwards to how to increase their blog's traffic and earning. So try to post something about how to increase traffic, earning and how to get buffered earning.

Third, attract as many people as you can to nang your post, use the Innit chat. Study the number of nang of the featured posts, if one of the featured post only has 20 nangs, you only need 21 nangs to replace it. In a nutshell, to play the Innit game you have to get people to nang you.

Keep you post tittle brief and precise. People decide whether or not to nang you post based on your tittle. Don't have to use a very fancy title, it actually turn me off to be frank. Title should tell people what are they about to read, a snapshot of the post. If it's possible, try to keep the title  short, because once you get into Featured Posts section, people could not read the whole title. It only shows part of your title. 

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