Sex Education VS Baby Dumping

The busy Muhyiddin, our beloved Deputy Prime Minister, who also our Education Minister said sex education is the cure to baby dumping issue. For more reading, click here.

I recommend a condom subsidy to be approved for teenagers under 18 years old. One reason they fail to take up safe sex is that they are too poor to buy condom. I also recommend a law to regulate teenagers' average pocket money. Parents are to be legally bound to allocate a provision for pregnancy prevention   for their teenage children. To make sure the provision is used for the purpose meant, a safe sex credit card could  be introduced. It works like a prepaid phone card, the only difference is that it allows teenagers to get condom at any affiliated stores and retail outlets, only for condom not other merchandises.

I also suggest condom vending machines to be placed at schools, universities and colleges. So that condom can be easily acquired, thus reduces the possibility of unprotected sex on impulse. For your information, I'm interested in condom vending machine business, if you happen to be a vending machine seller, feel free to give me a quotation.
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