Japan VS Malaysia.

I believe Malaysia is really catching up with Japan, one of the greatest developed nations on earth.

Compare their road to our road.

Japan's road, after 8.9 earthquake and tsunami

Malaysia's road after Godzilla walked pass. 

After that please watch the following video too.

shaky Japanese buildings

Then compare with Malaysia's buildings. 

Stadium Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin, Terengganu.

After Ultraman fought a monster there, the Stadium survived with a minor scratch.

So our infrastructures are no inferior than Japan's. Therefore, I hereby conclude that Malaysia is now a developed nation. Malaysia Boleh! Salam Satu Malaysia!

This post is not meant to be insensitive towards Japaneses' losses, I personally think Japanese would not want condolences but respects for the ability to minimize the number of death. Other countries should learn from them. Japaneses have taught us a valuable lesson.  

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