How to uphold UTAR image?

Many UTAR students have read and interested people are still coming in to read my previous post "Read this before you enroll to UTAR". I got many feedbacks, some agree and like my post, some got pissed off and dislike it, perhaps they also despise me and label me as complainer or traitor of UTAR. I do not like been labelled that way to be frank.

But I will not say: "fuck off if you don't like what I write." It is a ignorant and irresponsible statement to make.

I want to make my point clear, I was not trying to ruin UTAR image, I was merely describing what I have seen and experienced in the past 4 years. I have my own ways to uphold the school's image.

I keep quite when speakers from outside UTAR are conducting their presentation, I wear shoes to job interview session, I drive carefully, I definitely won't hit and run, I don't leave dishes on cafeteria table, I don't vandalize UTAR properties, I don't steal LCD screen from computer lab, I don't have hair like super saiyan

These are some small but crucial things and signs that people scrutinize and evaluate. Talking but not doing doesn't contribute a thing.
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