T for Tiga Batang

My blogging schedule is messed up by all these nonsenses (usually I publish two posts per week, sometime longer, but these two days I published three posts).

Datuk T unmasked themselves, so from now on we should call them Datuks T, with an "s" behind the "Datuk". The three musketeers (I prefer to call them Tiga Batang) claimed they made public the sex video of Anwar, because they think rakyat should see their leaders' true colors so not to be cheated by their masks. They just want to uphold justice (wow! They should call themselves Justice League instead).

They also claims the video only came into their possession two week ago. One of the Tiga Batang admits that he is in the video, at the beginning of the video.

I'm confused. Let's say Anwar is really the person in the sex video, then is he the victim or the villain? Are we supposed to hate him and condemn him now? What Tiga Batang want us to do? What they want the police to do? Find out who is the secret photographer or the voyeur and arrest him? Or they want Anwar to be arrested for adultery or had sex with prostitute? Then what was he doing in the video, was he a pimp? Then should the police arrests him as well? Should the justice league be arrested as well for possessing porn?

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