Members of Parliament Ask First Lady to Shut Up

Comment made by FLOM (First Lady of Malaysia), Rosmah Mansor has been criticized by public and labelled as 'distasteful', 'insensitive', 'lack of knowledge', and so on. Two members of parliament (MP) from Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), namely Zuraida Kamarudin (MP of Ampang) and Johari Abdul (MP of Sungai Pertani) had called for a media conference to address their concern over the issue.

If you understand Bahasa Malaysia, go ahead and watch the video. If you don't, then I'll just highlight certain important points have been brought up to the conference (starting from 2:18 of the video above).

"Kita rasa terkejut statement yang (di)keluarkan oleh isteri Perdana Menteri seolah-olah mewakili suara rakyat."

"We are surprised by the statement made by Prime Minister's wife, as if she represents the people (of Malaysia)."

"Hal-hal sedemikian lazimnya isteri perdana menteri tak main peranan pun. Kita tengoklah Dr. Hasmah (wife of Tun Dr. Mahathir), very gentle lady, dia tak buat komen-komen .... ini. Ini ialah urusan kerajaan."

"Prime ministers' wives usually don't play role in such matters. Look at Dr.Hasmah (wife of Tun Dr. Mahathir), very gentle lady, she didn't make comment as such. This is a government's job."

"Tun Hasmah tak pernah buat kerja-kerja yang kontroversial begini. Seorang yang gentle lady, polite dan dian seorang yang boleh kita angkap sebagai mewakili wanita Malaysia. Begitu juga isteri Abdullah (Badawi)... Dia menjadi wanita yang kuat di belakang suami masing-masing."

"Tun Hasmah had never done such controversial thing. A gentle lady, polite, and she is the woman to represent Malaysia's female. So does Abdullah (Badawi)'s wife... They play the roles as supportive wives."

"Ini dia suaminya ada kabinet, ada parlimen, bia suami lah yang buat kerja.."

"Her husband has cabinet, parliament, just let the husband to do his jobs."

"Ini yang dia masuk campur and lazimnya setiap kali dia buka mulut menjadi masalah kepada kerajaan."

"She interfered and every time she opens up her mouth and causes troubles to the government."

"Jadi kita amat kesal and kita minta dia kalau boleh duduk diam lah, buat lah peranan sebagai seorang isteri bukan sebagai permimpin."

"Therefore we are upset and we hope she could just sit still, plays the role of a wife, not a leader."

To recap, he asks Rosmah Mansor to shut up and sit still, so not to cause any more trouble to Malaysia. By saying this, he also challenged Najib's pride as a husband, "As a man can't you control your wife?". 

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