Gay & HIV+ Conman cheats 193 victims

An ugly gay fuck with Aids conned 193 gay victims (maybe more), took away their money, valuables and life perhaps.

Most of the victims come forward admitted they had sexual intercourse with the gay fuck (I'm not sorry for describing him like this). I did a quick search and got to the facebook page shown in the video. After reading some of the comments, I roughly get the gay fuck's strategy to get laid and money.

He is a sweet-talker, victims describes him as patient, considerate, soft, and generous. One of the commentator said he doesn't believe this gay fuck is a conman as he met the gay fuck before, and the gay fuck didn't have sex with him but instead treated him with nice and expensive foods. Commentator also claimed that the gay fuck seems cash-rich. He will only show his true color after he gained the trust of the victims, first to put the victims to bed and second to steal from them (mobile phone, laptop, cash) and to borrow money from victims (a victim claimed he lost about RM40k to this gay fuck). He also never use his real identity to make friend, fake name most of the time. However, one of the commentator revealed the gay fuck's IC no. (889014-23-5163). According to him, he saw the fucker's IC when they check in to a hotel room.

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1000 days and the story ends.