Malaysia First Lady Makes Idiotic Statement Over Japanese 8.9 Earthquake and Tsunami

Right after Berita Harian's insensitive cartoon poking fun at recent disasters hit Japan, our First Lady, wife of Prime Minister Najib Razak, Rosmah Mansor made another idiotic statement in a recent interview.

Bad hair cut. I wonder where she got it.

Watch the following video, her speech starts at 0:50 of the video.

I'll translate what she had said to English

"Ini.. eh.. pandang(an) diri saya adalah satu pengajaran kepada negara-negara lain untuk apa-apa pun mereka nak buat, ataupun sebarang pembangunan mereka ingin lakukan seharusnya mengaji dulu keadaan sekeliling and mengaitkan dengan climate change and green technology, termasuk juga negra kita."

"In my opinion, this (causality) serves as a warning to other countries, before doing anything, or any form of development, they should study the environment and relate to climate change and green technology, including our own country."

Sorry for the poor translation, but I assure you it is accurate. By saying this, she implied the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan were consequences of their lack of concern towards the environment. 

It's commonly known that Japan is located on the Pacific ring of fire, that's why it has constantly experienced earthquake in the past and will face the similar problem in future. It is not because their own doing that causes the earthquake or tsunami, and the fact is, Japan is one of the most green-tech advanced countries in the world; even if Japan's not practicing enough environment friendly technology, I do not think Malaysia is in the position to criticize (First Lady represents Malaysia to certain extent). 

Her statement shows that she is in state of ignorance and possesses poor geographical knowledge. Even though she is trying hard to produce some brilliant sounding statements, but she seriously fucked up this time.

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