What Have We Learnt In Year 2010?

As usually, people revise what have they done in the whole year at the end of the year. So bear with me, this post is dedicated to the future me to see whether 2011 would be a more fruitful year.

I wanted to write this few days ago, I went through my archive and revised all 2010's events. The most noticeable thing was the change of my blog's theme from personal to more political and I allowed my sarcastic and facetious sides to blossom LOL 

Surprisingly, many people actually bought it and started to follow this blog (of cos some lack-sense-of-humor cannot get my wit). Nevertheless, thanks for reading my blog and please forgive my poor grammar and limited vocabulary (I'm working to brush up my language, this is one of the reason I started to blog).  

Anyway, below are my lessons learned in year 2010. 
1. Many professionals are not professional
2. Opportunists make fool of less sophisticated kampung people
3. GLCs are inefficient and ignorance, privatization would benefit us
4. Money can settle anything, even cover up crime
5. Malaysians have volatile memories, forget things very fast
6. Malaysians behave hangat-hangat tahi ayam
7. Peer pressure makes nerds and girls watch World Cup
8. Racism is a vicious cycle
9. Internet facilitates democracy in good hands
10. Internet cultivates stupidity in idiots' hands
11. Education system in this country is handicapped
12. Education system in this country produces highly-educated retards
13. Reckless driving and ignorance kill, not bus
14. People are lacking of proper moral values nowadays
15. Greedy people are easy to cheat
16. Politicians think people are retarded
17. Politicians got big mouths
18. Facebook breeds creativities 
19. Malaysians love Facebook

I wish you Happy New Year and a fruitful year ahead. 

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