Singapore jealous of Malaysia?

Last couple of days, WikiLeaks released the cables between US and Singapore officials that say Malaysia's decline is due to incompetent politicians. Read this instead of Alviss Kong news, that's retarded. According to Ibrahim Ali, Singapore is jealous of Malaysia's achievement. Singapore said that because they have been holding grudge towards Malaysia for a long time. 

What make Singapore jealous of Malaysia? We have Petronas Twin Tower and another 100-storey Warisan Merdeka is coming up but they don't have? We have leaking Parliament House and they don't have? Singapore's politicians jealous because UMNO's cronies' are all multimillionaires? Or jealous because our flag is more colorful than theirs? 

The only valid reason why Singapore would jealous of Malaysia that I can think of is that we have Ibrahim Ali, and they don't have. But Singapore, you already have Puah Chu Kang and Liang Po Po (even though they're no match for Ibrahim Ali), be grateful ok? When people criticize us, we should implement introspection and improve ourselves, instead of acting like a bitch and denying the facts. 

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