The Season of the Witch is Here

What scares me the most about witches? Not their flying bloom, not their dark magics that can turn man into frog, and definitely not the mirror on the wall and the poisoned apple. I actually find it kinna cool to fly in the sky with a bloom, I mean how environmental friendly is that? Turn man into a frog is not scary at all ok? Turn man into toilet bowl inside male rest room is scary. Mirror on the wall? I find it works better than Google, you get the most accurate result for question you ask. Apple? Just don't eat the apple, eat orange instead (I've never heard of poisoned orange before).

What really terrifying is their mastery of disguise. Look at the hot and attractive women below, I suspect that they're all witches in disguise. How can a woman acquired with angel's face and devil's body at the same time? It's impossible.... unless they're witches. They are completely capable to do this if they can turn man into frog.

Just imagine, if you happen to date one of the ladies above. You take her out for dinner at a perfect Saturday night, and you don't feel like letting her goes so after dinner you take her to your favorite bar and then you start flirting with her, then you hold her hand and the little pervert in you ask you to sniff her hair. Things are going so perfectly well and suddenly it's 12am already! Suddenly her magical effects are expired and the perfect date just *poooof*, gone! The hot girl turns out to be a witch with ultra-long hook nose and jaw with serious acne problem, not to mention the bad hair and ugly teeth.

And you remember you just kissed her...................... French style.

Season of the witch

By the way, this is a post I do for a contest. Hopefully you're entertained.
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