What I think about Alviss Kong and his fans

I guess a lot of Malaysian facebook users have already known about Alviss Kong, the guy who committed suicide and counted down to his own death on facebook. If you still haven't heard of his name, please refer to this article, or just google his name. After his death, people started to make video clips about him, write stories about him, blog about him, talk to friends about him, mount for him and of cos, some cry for him. Some even started to call him the Malaysian Romeo and made him wikipedia page and a lot of facebook pages to glorify him. From this we can see how teenagers spend their time unproductively.

I don't know him, but I certainly know he was a man of his word; he said he was going to kill himself and he did. Why would he want to kill himself? According to his suicide note, he believed that was a die-for-love, but was that really love? Did he kill himself for the girl? Or he just killed himself for himself?

Suddenly he is at the middle of spotlight now, thousands of teenagers 'LIKE' his fan page. But for what? To signify respect, worship, idolatry towards him? For his 'courage' and his 'romance'? Courage to commit suicide but too afraid to live a life? Romance about he killed himself and made the girl the person to blame? Calling this act of stupidity as love would be pettifogging.

The whole incident shows us a very important message; there are a lot of immatures out there in Malaysia. Their values and way of thinking have been twisted by too much of cults and distorted ideologies. The fact is committing suicide this way, like Alviss Kong's way is just unworthy and stupid. It doesn't even worth the slightest admiration.

Life is full of chances and tomorrow will always be a better day. Millions and billions of people are struggling to survive. I don't want to talk much, so just watch the video. You'll know you're mature enough if you idolize the man in the video. This is their website and the great man is named Mr. Narayanan Krishnan.

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