Malaysia is not going to ban Facebook

There is a rumor spreading on internet saying Malaysia's government is going to ban or block Malaysians from using faceboook after the incident of Alviss Kong's suicide. As the intensity of debate over the suicide accelerates, a several facebook users follow suit and claim they are going to kill themselves too (copycat's suicide). Of cos most of these people are pranksters.

Many concern that the suicide trend might be a good excuse for government to shut down Facebook. Do remember that Malaysia is not a socialist country. The government cannot just ban Malaysians from accessing Facebook and intervene our freedom of speech, and there is no such law that prohibit people from leaving suicide note (as long as they do not attempt suicide). Besides, just because a few people are leaving suicide notes on facebook it doesn't make it a valid reason to stop people from using it. Accident rate in Malaysia is high, is that implying a car-ban as well?

I realized many people are sharing false information on facebook without clarifying the validity. Please do not believe everything you read on internet, be a smart internet user. I came across a good-course website and read one particularly interesting comment left by a Chinese (China Chinese), :"... I discovered this after I came to America, and I can use facebook here too! I want to do more to help solving problems around the world....", and I realized facebook is not a right, but a privilege for many people, but many Malaysians choose to abuse such privilege instead of benefiting from it. How sad is that.
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