Non-Bumi lack patriotism?

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the Defence Minister said he did not mean to hurt our feeling (non-bumiputra) when he mentioned the low participation of non-bumi in army is due to lack of patriotism. However he did not apologize for what he had said, but that's ok because all Malaysians have the freedom of speech. If he thinks lack of patriotism is one of the factors why non-Malays don't want to join army, so be it. Want to know about the details click here.

But dear Defence Minister, is there only one way to show patriotism? Some sing Negaraku (national anthem of Malaysia), some fly Jalur Gemilang (flag of Malaysia), some develop the country's economy, some win squash games and some urge non-Malays to join the army; are these not expression of love towards the country?

Earlier this year in May, when Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) held a recruitment drive for 40 vacancies for investigating officers and assistants, more than 400 Chinese turned up. Did that not show how non-Malays love the country? These people know what this country really needs; less corruptions and more transparencies. Is that patriotism?

Remember the jet-fighter engine worth RM50million stolen from airbase end of last year? Tell me it wasn't an inside job? So patriotism is the only reason to join army? Apparently not.
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