The Lesson of Old Farmer and His Cow

A young traveler saw a cow tied to a small stake. He walked up to the old farmer and said :"Oh farmer, it will run away." The old man chuckled, and said :"No, it will not. It has always been so." The young man was confused, he could not help but to ask :"Why not? It's just a small stake, the cow can easily break free from it."

The farmer approached the young traveler and whispered to his ear, as if he did not want the cow to listen to what he was about to tell. "It has been tethered to this thin stake since it was a calf. Initially it struggled and tried to escape but it was too weak to break free; after a several attempts, it gave up struggling. Later it grew up, I was thinking maybe it will break away to eat the grass if I put the hay beyond where it can reach. But it did not, it just stood still and looked at the fodder. Interesting?"

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